About Mike About Ulster County Executive Mike Hein

Ulster County Executive Mike Hein was born and raised in Ulster County. He grew up on a farm in Esopus and was educated in the New Paltz school system. After graduating from college, he returned to Ulster County where he has resided ever since, with his wife of 21 years, Christine, and their son.

Mike Hein - Ulster County ExecCounty Executive Hein’s private sector experience, primarily in the area of finance, serves Ulster County well. As the county’s first County Executive, he successfully shaped a completely new form of government, one that sets precedent, and established a solid foundation for the future.

Prior to taking office, County Executive Hein convened a nonpartisan economic development task force in order to determine how best to make Ulster County more responsive to the needs of business and to retain and grow jobs. The task force was comprised of leaders from the public and private sectors. Due to this forethought, immediately upon taking office, the County Executive was able to take decisive actions to help area businesses. One important initiative, created by the County Executive is the Ulster County “Credit for Success” bank consortium.  This innovative small business lending program that provides small businesses access to capital, at no cost to taxpayers. “Credit For Success” now serves as a model in New York.

NY State Democratic Convention | Mike HeinAdditionally, during his first year in office, County Executive Hein’s economic development agenda included a job retention effort in the private sector,that saved jobs, as well as a major job creation effort that produced 335 new private sector jobs. County Executive Hein’s efforts resulted in $27 million in federal stimulus funds for infrastructure, public transit and alternative energy projects throughout the County, as well as securing an additional $8.3 million for the repaving of Route 28.

The County Executive continues to make the same difficult choices many families across our nation make every day, as we deal with the most serious financial crisis since the Great Depression. To protect Ulster County’s taxpayers, his administration cut $6 million in costs from the County’s 2009 budget and, for the first time in Ulster County’s history, in the 2010 budget, year-to-year payroll expenses were significantly reduced.

vCounty Executive Hein’s administration is committed to reforming County government as demonstrated by the overhaul of the Ulster County Health Department. Consistent with his goal of making Ulster County the “healthiest county in New York State” the County Executive appointed two noted physicians to the Board of Health and appointed Dr. LaMar Hasbrouck, a CDC trained physician with excellent credentials, to become Ulster County’s new Director of Public Health.

County Executive Hein insists on a fully accountable, innovative and effective government that works harder and smarter to advance the interests of the people of Ulster County. He sees a future for Ulster County with a strong and sustainable economy and a healthy environment: a community that is the perfect place to live, work, play – and raise a family.