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Issues « Mike Hein for Ulster County Executive

Issues Addressing the Tough Issues Facing Ulster County

Fighting for The Taxpayers

In the past two years, County Executive Hein has saved County taxpayers over $25 million dollars, and delivered a zero tax increase budget for 2011. He achieved this through a combination of cost efficiencies, rightsizing the County workforce, implementing an aggressive attrition plan, eliminating the duplication of services, implementing alternative energy plans, renegotiating County leases and labor agreements and taking advantage of shared service and other cost-saving opportunities.


Helping Area Businesses

County Executive Hein has worked tirelessly to assist business people throughout the county with their business start-up and expansion plans, including providing innovative and unprecedented access to financing. County Executive Hein has left no stone unturned in expanding business and job opportunities, and in retaining locally owned and successful businesses, so that they can continue to grow and provide good jobs right here in Ulster County.


Transforming Government

County Executive Hein leadership has resulted in an unparalleled level of accountability. The result is County government that now works harder – and smarter for the people of Ulster County. The County Executive has established an unprecedented level of cooperation with town and village community leaders, all designed to eliminate waste, reduce costs and improve the delivery of quality services to taxpayers throughout the County.


Creating a Healthier Ulster County

Immediately upon taking office, County Executive Hein issued a challenge to make Ulster the healthiest county in New York. To achieve his goal, County Executive Hein successfully brought about complete transformation of the Ulster County Department of Health, turning it from an inefficient bureaucracy into to a model agency that NYS examiners have said is “a model of effective government”.  The County Executive also recruited and appointed a new Public Health Director, a physician with world-class credentials, and has engaged community stakeholders, throughout the County, to collaborate in the effort.


Protecting our Environment

Despite the aftershocks of the one of the worse financial crisis in our nation’s history, County Executive Hein has provided the leadership necessary to build a strong and sustainable future. While others continue to restate the problems and obstacles, County Executive Hein remains focused on the future and the extraordinary potential of Ulster County; a county with a highly educated and creative workforce, world-class educational institutions,  proximity to one of the largest metropolitan markets in the world and magnificent natural, cultural and historical resources.


Advocating and Delivering Results

The Ulster County Charter created the position of County Executive with the intent of having one individual able to advocate on behalf of all 181,000 residents. County Executive Hein has been a strong voice in Albany, New York City, and Washington and has delivered extraordinary results for the people of Ulster County in a short period of time. He has protected our environment, assisted local businesses and non-profits, cut through bureaucracy and red tape, fought for renewable energy, and protected taxpayers.