Advocating & Delivering Results

The Ulster County Charter created the position of County Executive with the intent of having one individual able to advocate on behalf of all 181,000 residents. County Executive Hein has been a strong voice in Albany, New York City, and Washington and has delivered extraordinary results for the people of Ulster County in a short period of time. He has protected our environment, assisted local businesses and non-profits, cut through bureaucracy and red tape, fought for renewable energy, and protected taxpayers.

Mike Hein has recognized the need for a major overhaul in Albany for an extended period of time and will continue to advocate for a government more in line with the people’s ability to pay.

County Executive Hein has fought to transform the long standing and often troubled relationship between the New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and the residents of Ulster County. He has fought for a seat at the table to represent the interests of the people of Ulster County and will continue to hold the DEP accountable for their actions. He successfully stopped the pollution of the Lower Esopus Creek that had the potential to negatively impact our agricultural industry, our recreational opportunities as well as endanger our environment.

With an innovative program to help small businesses access capital during hard time, County Executive Hein won the 2010 Chairman’s Leadership Award for Outstanding Advocacy on Behalf of Small Business from the New York State Business Development Corporation. As part of the award the County Executive received $2,500 to allocate to local charitable organizations.

County Executive Hein met with United States Senator Kirsten Gillibrand at a local economic development summit to urge her to support federal legislation that reflects the importance of creating new jobs and helping small businesses in Ulster County.

When faced with the possibility of losing a long time local business, Gillette Creamery, to Vermont, County Executive Hein worked to coordinate local and state efforts and successfully retained this important local employer. In addition to retaining jobs, Gillette Creamery additionally built a large new structure right here in Ulster County. In 2010, the Gillette family was recognized by the Ulster County Chamber of Commerce as the Ulster County Entrepreneurs of the Year.

In addition to helping existing local businesses, the County Executive, has worked with many partners to help create an entirely new industry in Ulster County. Ulster County is quickly becoming the statewide hub for the renewable energy industry.

County Executive Hein has worked hard with United States Senator Charles E. Schumer to ensure that the interest of the Ulster County agricultural community is represented in Washington. Ulster County farmers grow some of the finest produce anywhere in the world.

Simply put, County Executive Hein’s administration is reforming government, protecting taxpayers and getting it done for the citizens of Ulster County. With many challenges ahead, Mike Hein is exactly who we need to lead our community towards a brighter future.